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Break free from the cycle of depression and anxiety with Indianapolis TMS, where hope is restored and healing begins. Our FDA-approved, non-invasive treatments, including TMS and SPRAVATO®, open new doors to mental wellness. Offering a path to recovery for those who have tried it all, experience the change with Indiana's leading provider of advanced mental health therapies.

300M+ Lives Insured for TMS Treatment

Making Relief From Depression Accessible
Neurostar TMS Treatments Are Covered By Most Insurance Providers

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83% of people experience improvements
62% achieve COMPLETE REMISSION from their depression

The NeuroStar Advanced Therapy System is indicated for the treatment of depressive episodes and for decreasing anxiety symptoms for those
who may exhibit comorbid anxiety symptoms in adult patients suffering from Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) and who failed to achieve satisfactory improvement from previous antidepressant medication treatment in the current episode.

The NeuroStar Advanced Therapy system is intended to be used as an adjunct for the treatment of adult patients suffering from Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). NeuroStar Advanced Therapy is only available by prescription. A doctor can help decide if NeuroStar Advanced Therapy is right for you. Patients’ results may vary.

Visit neurostar.com for full safety and prescribing information.

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  • No Side Effects From Medications
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    Effective Treatment for Depression with SPRAVATO®

    At Indianapolis TMS, we offer SPRAVATO® (esketamine) nasal spray, a groundbreaking treatment for adults with treatment-resistant depression. This FDA-approved therapy works alongside oral antidepressants to provide significant symptom relief when other treatments have failed. Discover how SPRAVATO® can help you achieve better mental health and a brighter future.

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    I recommend them for any treatment needs you have. They are professional, knowledgeable, caring and understanding. I would definitely use their services again.

    Heidi J.

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    Committed Professionals Guiding Your Path to Mental Wellness

    Driven by compassion and expertise, our dedicated medical professionals lead the way in providing cutting-edge care for your mental health journey at Indianapolis TMS.

    • Patrick Hall - LMFT

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    • Evie Jacobs - LCSW

      Program Director
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    • Cathy Oplinger - PMHNP-BC

      Spravato Provider
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    Our Only Focus Is To Give You The Best Chance At Lasting Relief

    Our Only Focus Is To Give You The Best Chance At Lasting Relief
    • Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation


    Revolutionizing Mental Health

    Scientifically-Proven Approach

    Antidepressant drugs aren't giving people the results they had hoped for. At Indianapolis TMS, you will get the most successful treatments that exist.

    Just Look At The Success Rates Of TMS and Ketamine In Comparisson To Medications:
    (note that the success rate of antidepressantes doesn't mean remission. It just means saw an improvement)

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    TMS Patients Who Reach Remission

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    Real Relief From Depression Isn't Just Possible With Indianapolis TMS...It's Likely

      “This chair gave me back my mommy. It saved her life!"

      "I have severe OCD. It’s usually in the form of intrusive thoughts that I don’t want to have.They can cause me terrible anxiety, depression and fear. The bad thought OCD is the opposite of who I am in every way. I am a very sensitive, kind and compassionate person. TMS is probably the best thing I have done to help treat my OCD. My first round of treatment started around July of 2022. I did 36 sessions and felt a lot of relief . It doesn’t take the thoughts away completely. Although they were a lot fewer and I was able to function better with less depression and anxiety. I knew around October of 2023 that I needed more treatments. I’m in treatment again and I am feeling relief again. I would recommend trying these treatments to anyone that has OCD!"

      "I have struggled with Major Depression for over 20 years. I had all but given up on ever feeling joy again. My daughter found Indianapolis TMS and encouraged me to go to the consultation to see what it was all about. I am so glad that I did. Prior to doing TMS, I was isolating in my house from the world, and many times in my bedroom away from my family. It was no way to live, I wasn’t sure I wanted to continue to live. I agreed to give TMS a try. I started feeling better at week 3 but was leery to acknowledge it to anyone because I didn’t want to jinx it or to get my hopes up, just to be let down again. At some point though, Tiffany and Evie started to see the improvements in me without me telling them. I am not sure how they could know that when they had only known me for 4 weeks. I am so grateful for this treatment and for this TMS team. Evie has continued to reach out occasionally to check on me and I am still doing well. I know that if I start to notice my depression returning, I am calling Evie first. The treatment felt weird at first and I was nervous but Tiffany and Evie answered all of my questions and helped me feel calm and supported. I tell everyone about my TMS experience. It is better than any medicine I have ever been on."


    Learn more about NeuroHealth and how we can help you on your healing journey. Change is a direction, not a destination.

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