Committed Professionals Guiding Your Path to Mental Wellness

Driven by compassion and expertise, our dedicated medical professionals, Patrick Hall - LMFT, Evie Jacobs - LCSW and Cathy Oplinger - PMHNP-BC, lead the way in providing cutting-edge care for your mental health journey at Indianaoplis TMS.

Meet The Team
  • Patrick Hall - LMFT

  • Evie Jacobs - LCSW

    Program Director
  • Cathy Oplinger - PMHNP-BC

    Spravato Provider

Transforming Lives with TMS Therapy

Advanced Treatment for Persistent Mental Health Conditions

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  1. Welcome to Indianapolis TMS

    Discover innovative solutions for medication-resistant Major Depression, Anxious Depression, and OCD with NeuroStar TMS therapy, offering hope for those seeking an alternative to traditional medications.

  2. Our Experience and Expertise

    Since 2013, Indianapolis TMS has been at the forefront of providing FDA-approved NeuroStar TMS therapy, contributing to countless stories of healing and improved mental health.

  3. Our Experience and Expertise

    Our comprehensive treatment plan includes 36 sessions for depression and 29 for OCD over 7 to 8 weeks, customized to each client's needs for the best outcomes while maintaining their current medication regimen.

  4. Our Experience and Expertise

    Through regular PHQ-9 and GAD-7 self-reports, we closely monitor progress, celebrating significant improvements in our clients' mental health and daily life activities.

  5. Our Experience and Expertise

    With an 83% positive response and a 62% remission rate, NeuroStar TMS's precise treatment delivery offers unparalleled effectiveness in the fight against medication-resistant mental health conditions.

  6. Insurance and Financial Support

    We strive to ease the treatment journey by working with major insurance providers and handling all paperwork, focusing on your recovery without financial worry.

Our Staff

Patrick Hall - LMFTPresident/OwnerLearn More
Evie Jacobs - LCSWProgram DirectorLearn More
Cathy Oplinger - PMHNP-BCSpravato ProviderLearn More
Tiffany Hall, BATMS TreaterLearn More
Deborah Redd, MDTMS PsychiatristLearn More