• Tiffany Hall, BA

    TMS Coordinator

    Tiffany graduated with a degree in Elementary Education. She worked as a teacher until she and Patrick started their family. Being married to a therapist and working closely with people in and out of Lotus Group has provided Tiffany a unique perspective on Mental Health. Tiffany has worked in the office of Lotus Group which has also provided her close involvement in the client’s process. Seeing their transformations has made Tiffany a believer in therapy. She loves getting to know people and forming relationships with them as they come in and out of the office. She also has thus witnessed individuals that continue to struggle because therapy and medication have not been enough. Tiffany has been trained to provide TMS treatment. She is very excited about all that TMS will offer clients.

    In addition, she loves vacationing, reading, trying new recipes and just spending time with her family.