• Patrick Hall

    LMFT President/Owner

    Patrick is anything but your typical counselor. In fact, despite being a very positive, “glass-half-full person”, he is critical and negative about the lack of good mental health providers. This is because he is very passionate about people figuring out life and learning to enjoy what matters most to them…relationships. “The most difficult stories are those where clients have tried other counselors and simply received poor care.” Making the decision to invest emotionally and financially in counseling even more difficult than it already is. “The last thing you want to have happen is for a client to make the decision, invest the time and energy into getting started, and then find out they have to start over with another professional because the first one simply was not helpful.” Patrick has an outgoing personality and tends to be able to relate to just about anyone. His style is straight-forward and “no-bull” as his clients say. His ability to recognize both sides of a relationship, whether it be husband/wife or child/parent, is one of his many strengths. 

    Patrick wears a few professional hats. Along with starting Indianapolis TMS, he is the Owner & practicing therapist (LMFT) at Lotus Group, which has been in practice since 2001. He carries a full load as a therapist and life coaching. He enjoys individual adults, marital and family work. Aside from his therapist role, he also manages the practice, oversees the marketing, and continues to be the visionary for the practice. Additionally, in 2019, Patrick felt a call to focus on his Performance coaching skills and thus started a new journey that works alongside Lotus Group and Indianapolis TMS. 

    Patrick was born and raised in Anderson Indiana.  His wife Tiffany was born and raised in Pendleton, so family is close by, which Patrick values most highly.  Patrick would say of his wife, Tiffany, “she is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Without her I cannot do what I do. I’m definitely the lucky one in the relationship.” We celebrate being married 20 years in December, 2019, and enjoy each and every stage of our lives together, and the raising of our three children; Taylor, Lexi, and Nolan, and our family dogs, Bailey and Bear. Life with Tiff and the kids is, well, everything.

    While I love what I do, and I am very passionate about it, I commonly can be heard saying, “family is more important than work.” I say it often, and I certainly live it too. I can probably be best described as someone who works hard and plays hard. When I’m at work, I only have a high gear… and I simply love working with people. Yet, when I’m away from work, I don’t let work interfere. Life outside of work is much the same. I only have a high gear for the most part. The Halls value faith, family,  friends, kindness, giving, academics, community, golf, biking, days at the pool / beach, and travel… lots and lots of travel. I love life and sharing it with others, especially my family. We love each other, and we go, we do, we explore, we experiment… we enjoy… life.